Saturday, January 16, 2010

Most Wanted Christmas Gift of 2009

As she does every year, Jaiden wrote a "wish list" to Santa. This year was different from all the others...there was only one thing on her list...a Zhu Zhu pet. I thought "this will be early" So I headed to Wal-Mart, nothing! I looked at Target, nothing! What was the big hype about this $8 toy hamster?! I had no idea. So I headed for the internet. I knew I would be able to find at least one. I did! But for $100 (originally $8)!!! I couldnt believe it. I asked the family to keep an eye out for one. Ryan's mom came to the rescue. She bought one on Amazon, for a hefty price. I was so relieved. I was scared "Santa" wouldn't be able to her my daughter, the ONE and ONLY thing she asked for. Well by the time Christmas came around, we ended up with not one, not two but THREE Zhu Zhu pets!! My mom had come across two just a couple days before Christmas. I would pay any amount of money to see the reaction on her face, that she had on Christmas morning!

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